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in the Quinte region, particularly Belleville,
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Are you looking for a REALTOR® in the Quinte region? Particularly Belleville, Quinte West or Prince Edward County?

Wherever you’re moving, your next move is unique to you, and it’s important.

I'm a property owner and manager myself. I know buying a home or selling a home can feel like an overwhelming, complicated process.

Make your next move with a real estate agent you can trust, who has your best interests in mind.


As your Realtor®, I have a deep respect for your decision-making process. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.


It 's my goal to introduce you to your new home or investment opportunity in the Quinte region. I love this area and I'm proud to call it home.


Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or are simply curious about real estate opportunities in the Quinte area, please feel free to connect with me any time to ask questions and discuss your options.


Let me help connect you to the beauty and culture we enjoy in the Quinte Region. I'm excited to introduce you to your next home or investment opportunity

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