Freed, not Fired: Why Landscapers are the Best REALTORS®

Making My Move

So the word is officially out: Elaine Bouma is no longer a landscape contractor, she is a REALTOR®. Mr. Picture Perfect has mixed feelings about this. After all, we’ve been running our business side by side for the last 13 years; since our 2nd of 3 kids was born. The joke at home is that I haven’t been fired, but ‘freed’ to pursue a new career.

Taking an active role in our growing landscape design and construction business was a good fit. As the sales manager, I discovered how to ask the right questions and how to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. That said, my thumbs are not naturally green, and I find hard hats don’t do anything for my hair.

Real estate, on the other hand, is in my blood. I love the opportunities it presents not just as a place to call your own, but also as a valuable investment vehicle. I’m not knocking financial investment products; however including some real estate in your portfolio is just good planning. Unlike most conventional investment products, real estate is yours to control. You put the time and energy into making it your own and increasing its value, whether it’s a home investment, a land purchase that you develop or hold, a commercial venture or a business asset.

The Next Move is Yours

As a landscaper and business owner, I respect the work, time and in many cases, love that’s gone into your investment. As a REALTOR®, my job is to help you uncover its potential.
So what’s your next move? I’ve traded in my steel toed boots for stilettos less practical footwear and have been freed to put my integrity, tenacity and business experience to work for you. Let’s work together to find your next home or property investment.

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